Privacy and policy rules

We reserve the right to refuse to sell our puppies to anyone, moments before they go home, without any reason given to the individual concerned. All puppies will have their claws removed, and de-wormed several times. They will receive their first set of shots and be Micro chipped before leaving our home. All our babies are fully evaluated and checked by our Vet. Puppies are sold only on Spay/Neuter Contracts.

All pet/companion puppies are required to be spayed/neutered by the time they are 6 months old. (We do offer full breeding rights to approved breeders only. We have very good breeding lines and do protect our puppies from becoming livestock for breeding!) We require proof of spayed/neutered certificate from your Vet, by 7 months of the age of your puppy. Not doing so does give us the legal right to demand the return of said puppy at your expense and to use legal measures to ensure said puppy’s safe return.

It is important to have your puppy spayed or neutered! You must sign a contract agreeing to this before you can take your puppy home. We reserve the right to refuse to sell our puppies to anyone, anytime before they go home, without a reason. The buyer has three days after receipt of the puppy to have him/her examined by your Veterinarian or the health guarantee is null and void. You must have proof of this visit within the time frame stated above.

Keep a copy of it in your puppy kit for safekeeping. In the unlikely event that your puppy is found by your Veterinarian to be seriously ill within this time period, you may request an exchange upon returning the puppy to us. If no more puppies are available in your litter, you will have the first pick in the next litter of the same puppies.

We do NOT refund money for a puppy for any reason, but we will replace a puppy if there is ever a serious health issue covered under our Health Guarantee. We will not be responsible for contagious diseases contracted after the pup has left our care. Remember that Dog Parks can cause health issues to your puppy, also visiting another dog that does not have all its shots or worming. The buyer must maintain this dog in good health providing Veterinary care to ensure continued good health and have accurate records as proof, for the warranty on your puppy.

You are required to take the puppy for a yearly examination by a certified Vet. Keep all required shots current and up to date. And must give them good quality dog food, and not let them become overweight. We do require you to sign a contract stating that, if for any reason, at any time in your puppy’s life, you find that you can not keep him/her that they must be returned to us. As we do not want any of our puppies to end up in a shelter, rescue, or bad home. We take responsibility for our breeding program and will ALWAYS take back one of our puppies. We have a list of elderly people that are waiting for an older dog, we will give these dogs to them free of charge.